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Rangoli or Kolam is a Hindu tradition to decorate the entrance of homes, courtyards and temples where one uses organic items like rice, flowers, coloured powders, ground spices etc.

The designs are created using different shapes and patterns, traditionally with geometric shapes like circles and triangles, while more contemporary Rangoli's use figurative representations besides abstract lines and curves.

Rangoli brings good luck and is a tradition still honoured by modern India, especially during the Diwali or Deepavali or Deepawali festival.

What is Easy Rangoli Design?

Easy Rangoli Design is one of the ideal Rangoli catalog websites, serving 13000+ free Rangoli Design images (Kolam Design Ideas) to get inspired.

Here you can find rangoli images of various popular Cartoon characters, Animals, Flowers, and Birds. Click on any of the categories below to get started:

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